Keith was born in Bountiful Utah.  He is the oldest of three children with two younger sisters. He was involved in the day-to-day care of his sisters at an early age, which instilled the drive and discipline to succeed and overcome any obstacles he met. He came from a modest background. Married at 18 Keith had to learn quickly to survive and provide for his family. He started with a door-to-door sales job. He eventually sold furniture for one of the largest furniture companies in Utah, which gave him an education from the school of hard knocks, where he developed communication and public relation skills
After many years, Keith moved into the mortgage/banking profession. With over 17 years experience he has become proficient in the banking business. He has successfully earned top salesman of the year awards, top producer of the month awards and enjoyed earned vacation incentives.
Happily married, Keith has a total of four children and two granddaughters. He loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time with the ones he loves. His leisure time is spent with his family boating, fishing, snowmobiling, golfing, and camping.
He is currently working for Security National Mortgage, a National Company.  They are one of Utah’s most respected correspondent banking companies, which offers full-service mortgage lending.  Security National Mortgage was ranked Fourth in dollar amount of Utahs top 25 mortgage lenders.  Security National offers a local in house underwriting, and processing. Using many different underwriting systems, Keith electronically underwrites most of his own loans, utilizing Freddie-Mac’s loan prospector and Fannie Mae’s desktop during an application interview. This facilitates a great advantage in providing approvals for the borrower at their first appointment. Communication is the key to having the loan process run smooth.

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